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Master Skill Tree
Master Skill Tree

Upon reaching level 400, the character has the opportunity to upgrade additional skills (Skill Tree). A prerequisite is that the character has a 3rd profession. To see the list of options that have opened up for you, press the "A" key in the game. The skill tree consists of 3 branches. The first is the same for all characters, but the second and third are individual for each class.

In order to. To unlock a skill in the tree, you need to upgrade the Master Level, and distribute the points received for each level (Master points) to the skill you need. Note! The maximum Master level is 400. Be balanced in your approach to the distribution of free points. You can reset the master level and distributed points only with the /mlreset command.

Master level leveling is available from level 100 monsters, as well as a prize for completing some Mu Online quests.

Grand Master – Master Skill Tree


This page presents and describes all the skills of the master tree for Grand Master characters. Skills are pumped from top to bottom in each branch of the tree. At one level of the tree, skills can depend on each other, in this case, an arrow points to the dependent skill. The previous skill must be leveled up to level 10 in order to be able to level up the next one.

Each skill in the tree has 20 levels. To level up one level, you need 1 or more Master Level Points.

Before you can improve an active skill, you need to study it by reading the corresponding scroll or orb with your character.

Peace Wisdom Overcome
Durability Reduction (1)
PvP Defence Rate Increase
Maximum SD increase
Automatic Increase Mana Recovery
Poison Resistance Increase
Durability Reduction (2)
Increase SD Speed of Recovery
Increase Automatic HP Recovery
Increase Lightning Resistance
Increase Defense
Increase Automatic Recovery AG
Increase Ice Resistance
Durability Reduction (3)
Increase Defense Success Rate

Increase Attack Rate
Strengthen Flame
Strengthen Lightning
Strengthen Expansion of Wizardry
Strengthen Inferno
Strengthen Blast
Expansion of Wizardry Mastery
Strengthen Poison
Increase Maximum Life
Strengthen Evil Spirit
Magic Mastery
Strengthen Decay
Increase Maximum Mana
Strengthen Hellfire
Strengthen Ice

Attack Rate
Strengthen One-handed Staff Strengther
Strengthen Two-handed Staff Strengther
Strengthen Shield
One-handed Staff Mastery
Two-handed Staff Mastery
Shield Mastery
Strengthen Soul Barrier
Mana Reduction
Monster Attack SD Increment
Increase Life Monster Attack
Proficiency Barrier Soul
Increase Minimum Wizardry
Increase Monster Attack Mana