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White Wizard Invasion
The White Wizard Invasion is a recurent daily event in MUGEORGIA. The White Wizard and his minions can be found in Noria, Lorencia and Devias. White Wizards are servants of Kundun. Rather than invading the lands of peaceful folks, their primary objective is to disturb the order and occupy the trade routes so that merchants would not be able to trade. Stoping trade flow would weaken Lorencia and Devias population because both cities rely on Noria for food all the while it would weaken Noria's defenses because the city relies on foreign warriors to keep herself safe. The White Wizard keeps the company of orcs for protection. These orcs are loyal to the wizard and vicious to his enemies.

Rewards for Killing White Wizard
Monster Reward Image Reward
White Wizard Random X10 Jewel Bundles