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Kalima Event

What is the Kalima Event?

Kalima is the place where the great lord Kundun has been banished to. The area also serves host to his most loyal minions. Not just anyone can enter Kalima, as the area is sealed off to prevent any monsters from leaving. The only way to access this area is through a special portal, which can be resurrected via Lost Map. A Lost Map can be crafted by combining (x5) Symbols of Kundun together. There are 7 areas of difficulty to Kalima, which are restricted to warriors of a specific Character Level. Only on the 7th floor of Kalima, in the deepest part of the map, will adventurers find the great lord Kundun.

How to participate in the event of Kalima?

In order to get to the Kalima card, you need to have a ticket for the passage — Lost Map. To get it, you need to get parts of the ticket — Symbol of Kundun. After you collect 5 identical Symbol of Kundun pieces, they will automatically turn into a Lost Map of the same level as the ticket pieces.

Symbol of Kundun Lost Map

To get into Kalima, you must throw the ticket out of your inventory and after that a gate will appear next to you. After clicking on the gate, you will appear in Kalima. The ticket cannot be thrown away in the safe area The gate after the ticket is thrown out only exists for a minute You can go to Kalima in the party If you are killed in Kalima, then you will appear in Lorencia Each level of the Kalima map corresponds to certain requirements for the level of characters wishing to get there.
Kalima Level Dark Wizard Dark Knight Fairy Elf Summoner Magic Gladiator Dark Lord Rage Fighter
Kalima Castle 1 40-130 40-130 40-130 40-130 20-110 20-110 20-110
Kalima Castle 2 131-180 131-180 131-180 131-180 111-160 111-160 111-160
Kalima Castle 3 181-230 181-230 181-230 181-230 161-210 161-210 161-210
Kalima Castle 4 231-280 231-280 231-280 231-280 211-260 211-260 211-260
Kalima Castle 5 281-330 281-330 281-330 281-330 261-310 261-310 261-310
Kalima Castle 6 331-400 331-400 331-400 331-400 311-400 311-400 311-400
Kalima Castle 7 Master Level Master Level Master Level Master Level Master Level Master Level Master Level

Rewards for Killing Illusion of Kundun and Kundum

Boss Monster Reward Image Reward Reward Itembag
Illusion of Kundun Gate Gate will teleport you to the next level of Kalima.
Kundum 3x Purple Chaos Box Epic Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add