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There are 3 type of Horn Of Fenrir that can be crafted and it can be done in two steps

Horn of Fenrir - Crafting

Stage: 1
Splinter of Armor (20/20 pieces)
Bless of Guardian (20/20 pieces)
1x Jewel of Chaos

Success combination = 70% success rate (Fragment of Horn)

+ + =

Stage: 2
Claw of Beast (10/10 pieces)
5x Fragment of Horn
1x Jewel of Chaos

Success combination = 50% success rate (Broken Horn)

+ + =

Stage: 3
Broken Horn
1x Jewel of Chaos
3x Jewel of Life

Success combination = 30% success rate (Horn of Fenrir - Red Fenrir)

+ + =

Horn of Fenrir - Upgrade

Horn of Fenrir + Protect(Blue Fenrir):


Horn of Fenrir (Red Fenrir)
1x Jewel of Chaos
5x Jewel of Life
1x Exc Defense item item +9+add (minimum)

Success combination = Blue Fenrir (50% success rate)

+ + + =

Horn of Fenrir + Destroy(Black Fenrir):


Horn of Fenrir (Red Fenrir)
1x Jewel of Chaos
5x Jewel of Life
1x Exc. Weapon item item +9+add (minimum)

Success combination = Black Fenrir (50% success rate)

+ + + =