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Quest System
Greetings, intrepid warriors of MUGEORGIA! Embark on an extraordinary journey filled with challenges and bountiful rewards through our unique 50-Mission Quest System. Gallus, The Quest's Master, awaits your presence in the bustling city of Lorencia to guide you through this epic adventure.


❓ How to Access the Quest System: Navigate through the vibrant streets of Lorencia and locate Gallus, standing tall as the harbinger of quests. Interact with him to delve into the world of 50-Mission Quests, each promising exciting prizes upon completion.

The 100-Mission Quest System

🎮 Mission Variety: Dive into a diverse array of missions, each presenting its own set of challenges and objectives. From slaying fearsome monsters, your journey will be anything but mundane.

🎁 Rewards Galore: Reap the rewards of your endeavors after every single mission. Accumulate experience points, in-game currency, rare items, and more. The path to greatness is paved with treasures waiting to be claimed.

Stage 1:
Quest Number Monster Name Monster Qty Reward Reward Qty
Quest 1 Budge Drakon 100 Rena 10x
Quest 2 Hound 100 Lucky Coin 10x
Quest 3 Giant 150 Rena 20x
Quest 4 Hunter 150 Lucky Coin 20x
Quest 5 Forest Monster 200 Rena 30x
Quest 6 Agon 200 Lucky Coin 30x
Quest 7 Grizzly 250 Rena 40x
Quest 8 Capitan Crizzly 250 Lucky Coin 40x
Quest 9 Assasin 300 Rena 50x
Quest 10 Ice Queen 300 Lucky Coin 50x
Stage 2:

Quest Number Monster Name Monster Qty Reward Reward Qty
Quest 11 Cursed Lich 350 Rena 60x
Quest 12 Totem Golem 350 Lucky Coin 60x
Quest 13 Bahamut 400 Rena 70x
Quest 14 Valkyrie 400 Lucky Coin 70x
Quest 15 Silver Valkyrie 400 Rena 80x
Quest 16 Iron Wheel 350 Lucky Coin 80x
Quest 17 Tantalos 350 Rena 90x
Quest 18 Beam Knight 350 Lucky Coin 90x
Quest 19 Blue Golem 250 Rena 100x
Quest 20 Death Rider 250 Lucky Coin 100x
Stage 3:

Cooming Soon!