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The Chaos Card is a new and exciting feature in the world of MU. It introduces a new lottery system where players purchase the Chaos Card and gamble it for the chance to get rare items. Once one has started, it'll be hard to stop. Chaos Card Maste is located in the city of Lorencia. He asks you to find and bring him the missing maps.

How to combine:
1. Warp to Lorencia and speak with the Chaos Master NPC.
2. Make space in your inventory which is 6x4 large. Place the Chaos Card in the combination window then combine.
3. Get your item and enjoy!
Chaos Card Chaos Card Mini Chaos Card Gold Chaos Card Rare

Weapons Shields Sets
Exc. Sword of Assassin
Exc. Katana
Exc. Rapier
Exc. Short Sword
Exc. Kris
Exc. Serpent Staff
Exc. Skull Staff
Exc. Battle Bow
Exc. Arquebus
Exc. Elven Bow
Exc. Battle Scepter

Exc. Small Shield
Exc. Horn Shield
Exc. Kite Shield

Exc. Leather Set
Exc. Bronze Set
Exc. Bone Set
Exc. Pad Set
Exc. Silk Set
Exc. Wind Set