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Clash of Champions
Prepare for the ultimate test of strength and skill in the weekly epic showdown known as the Clash of Champions! This special event brings together the bravest warriors from across the realm, each vying for the coveted title of Champion..


💥 Rules of Engagement:

Frequency: Once a week, warriors gather to prove their mettle in the fierce 1vs1 battles.

Participants: Only the most formidable warriors, the best among the best, are invited to join this prestigious event.

Format: Engage in intense class vs. class battles, where only the true champions will emerge victorious. Whether you wield the power of magic, the might of a warrior, or the cunning of an assassin, this is your chance to shine.

Location: The battleground is carefully selected to provide a challenging and fair arena for all contenders. Expect a dynamic environment that adds an extra layer of excitement to the clashes.

🎖️ Prizes and Recognition:

The bravest warriors will not only bask in the glory of victory but will also be rewarded handsomely. The top contenders will receive Platinum Credits, which is unique trading currency!

Credit Image Credit Name Reward for each round Total Reward Quantities
Platinum Credits 100 1000

Sharpen your blades, enhance your armor, and enter the Annihilation Arena with unyielding resolve. Only the best will survive, and the rest will be left in the dust of defeat. The Clash of the Titans awaits – will you emerge as the ultimate champion?

May the strongest prevail in the Annihilation Arena!