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You can earn real money in MUGEORGIA Universe!

Dive into an extraordinary MU Online experience where every move you make can translate into real-world success. Server, where your gaming prowess isn't just measured in victories but also in precious credits that hold real-world value.

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🎖️ Silver, Golden, and Platinum Credits: Unleash the power of three distinct credit currencies - Silver, Golden, and the rare Platinum Credits. Earn them through epic battles, strategic trades, and unparalleled in-game achievements.

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💲 Purchasing Credits: Players have the option to purchase only Silver and Golden credits, while platinum credits are earned through in-game events, including PvP and PvM activities.
Credit Image Credit Name Package Quantity Price in GEL
Silver Credits Package D 1000 10 GEL
Silver Credits Package C 10 000 100 GEL
Silver Credits Package B 20 000 150 GEL [25% Disscount]
Silver Credits Package A 50 000 250 GEL [50% Disscount]
Golden Credits Package D 1000 20 GEL
Golden Credits Package C 10 000 200 GEL
Golden Credits Package B 20 000 300 GEL [25% Disscount]
Golden Credits Package A 50 000 500 GEL [50% Disscount]

Platinum Credits to Real Currency:


💱 Here's the game-changer: Platinum Credits are not just a virtual commodity. Exchange them for real-world currency (GEL), turning your gaming achievements into tangible success. It's not just a game; it's a gateway to prosperity.

To initiate the exchange process, players must accumulate a minimum of 1000 platinum credits. Once this threshold is reached, players can contact the administration to proceed with the exchange. The administration will then transfer the exchanged GEL directly to the player's BOG, TBC bank or PayPal address.