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Information about Chaos Tier Items

There are few specific unique PVP options which can be added to Chaos Tier items (Guardian gear).

For below Weapons and Sets - there is a chance of obtaining special PvP options. You can add these options through Chaos Machine.

Upgrade Requirements:
380 lvl items +4+add (minimum)
1x Jewel of Chaos
1x Jewel of Guardian
1x Jewel of Harmony

Success combination = PvP option added (60% success rate)
Failed combination = item saved (only Jewels lost)

Weapons Sets
Exc. Bone Blade
Exc. Brova
Exc. Explosion Blade
Exc. Grand Viper Staff
Exc. Storm Blitz Stick
Exc. Sylph Wind Bow
Exc. Solay Scepter
Exc. Piercing Blade Glove
Exc. Venom Mist Set
Exc. Dragon Knight Set
Exc. Sylphid Ray Set
Exc. Storm Blitz Set
Exc. Volcano Set
Exc. Sunlight Set
Exc. Piercing Groove Set

Below you can see options which can be added to Chaos Tier items:
Type Refinery option 1 Refinery option 2
Weapon Additional Damage +200 (PvP) Attack success rate increase +50 (PvP)
Helm SD recovery rate increase +5% Defense success rate increase +50 (PvP)
Armor SD auto recovery
Defense success rate increase +50 (PvP)
Pants Defensive skill +200 (PvP)
Defense success rate increase +50 (PvP)
Gloves Max. HP increase +500
Defense success rate increase +50 (PvP)
Boots Max. SD increase +1000
Defense success rate increase +50 (PvP)