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Red Dragon Invasion
In the vast and magical world of MU Online, an extraordinary event unfolds every hour –the Red Dragons Invasion. These colossal and majestic creatures, known as the Red Dragons, reside in the rugged, inaccessible mountains that loom over the MU continent. They periodically descend upon the lands of Lorencia, Noria, and Devias in search of what they perceive as easy prey – novice heroes who have just embarked on their heroic journey.

The Red Dragons are not just fearsome in stature but also deeply intelligent beings. They have roamed the high peaks and craggy cliffs of the MU mountains for centuries, their knowledge of the land’s geography and the beings that inhabit it unparalleled. They can sense the nascent power and potential of newly arrived heroes, and it is this power they seek to test and, in their own way, nurture. Heroes across the land prepare themselves, knowing that the moment is approaching when these massive dragons will descend upon Lorencia, Noria, and Devias. These dragons, with scales as red as molten lava, soar down from the mountains like living meteors, their wings darkening the sky.

Rewards for Killing Red Dragon
Monster Reward Image Reward
Red Dragon Random X10 Jewel Bundles