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Malgath Emperor of Death [BOSS]
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Skeleton King Invasion
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Pets (Dinorant, Dark Raven, Dark Horse)
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Pets System

Guardian Angel

Absorb 7% of Damage, Increases Maximum Health +50


Increases attack and wizardry by 7%

Horn of Uniria

Horn of Dinorant

Increases damage by 10%, Absorb 10% of damage

Dark Horse

Absorb DMG: +15%, Increase Attack Range: +2

Dark Raven

Skill Attack Base: 200%, +1% every 20 Energy points

Horn of Fenrir

Horn of Fenrir Red, Plasma Storm Skill

Horn of Fenrir + Destroy

Horn of Fenrir Black, Plasma Storm Skill
Increases final damage by 20%, Increases Movement Speed

Horn of Fenrir + Protect

Horn of Fenrir Blue, Plasma Storm Skill
Absorbs 20% of final damage, Increases Movement Speed

Horn of Fenrir + Illusion

Horn of Fenrir Golden, Plasma Storm Skill
200 HP increase, 200 Mana
33 attack power increase, 16 wizardy increase


Increases Attack Power and Wizardry by 15%

Spirit of Guardian

Absorbs monsters damage to your character by 15%
Increases Maximum Life by 50


EXP increase 50%, Сollects Zen around
Increase defensive skill +50, Increases Maximum Life by 50


Zen increase +50%, Defensibility + 50