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Lorencia is a wide plain located in the center of MU. Dark knights and Dark Sorcerers begin their careers here. Due to heavy rainfall tall trees and grasses abound. It is a suitable hunting place for low level (1-20) adventurers.

But be careful! Many of MuOnline's warriors were suddenly engulfed in flames before they could reach the Dark Wizard's sword.

Transitions to other locations: Noria, Devias, Dungeon, Valley of Loren.

Spider Budge Dragon Lich Bull Fighter Giant Hound Elite Bull Fighter Skeleton Warrior

Noria the home world of the Fairy kingdom, is a huge woods located in the easternmost of the MU Continent. Originally, Noria was once populated only by the Fairies, but after Kundun's invasion of MU, exchange between humans grew more frequent and human settlement in the region became more pronounced.

Fairy characters all begin their careers within Noria. The region's location may seem trivial but as the access point for the East Sea and the underwater city of Atlans it plays a significant role. The Chaos Goblin that creates Chaos items and Wings through the unique Chaos System also resides here.

Transitions to other locations: Lorencia, Atlants.

Chain Scorpion Goblin Stone Golem Agon Forest Monster Elite Goblin Hunter Beetle Monster

Elbeland is the native city of the Summoner kingdom. The Summoner bloodline was preserved since ancient times, having little contact with humans for a long time. However, due to Kundun's resurrection, their became great turmoil and the Summoner people decided to make peace with humans in attempt to save the Continent.

Summoners possess natural gifts such as manipulating magical powers, communicating with another dimension, and summoning mysterious monsters to fight for them. Through their constant prayers and meditations, Summoners can incapacitate enemies by compromising their weaknesses.

Transitions to other locations: Devias, Atlans.

Strange Rabbit Pollution Butterfly Hideous Rabbit Werewolf Cursed Lich Totem Golem Grizzly Captain Grizzly

Devias is a snowfield located at the north of Lorencia and it covered with perpetual snow. Monsters here are more powerful than thosein Lorencia or Noria so only adventurers over leve 15 can enter Devias.

The guild master who creates and manages guilds is also located in Devias. Monsters here are more powerful than those in Lorencia or Noria so only adventurers over level 15 can enter Devias. The guild master who creates and manages guilds is also located in Devias.

Transitions to other locations: Lorencia, Elbeland, Lost Tower.

Yeti Elite Yeti Ice Queen Assassin Ice Monster Worm Hommerd

Dungeon is a formidable cave located to the north of Lorencia. With a total 3 levels, The Dungeon is home to the Gorgon, a frightening beast that lays in wait on the lowest level.

Due to the lure of untold treasures within these caverns, many a brave adventurers have entered the Dungeon but few have returned to tell of their tale. If you are brave then venture forth but beware, Hell is but a stones throw away from the horrors that reside there..

Transitions to other locations: Lorencia.

Cyclops Larva Elite Skeleton Thunder Lich Hell Spider Hell Hound Poison Bull Fighter Gorgon

Atlans was an ancient city built by the Kantur People, whom had developed very advanced systems inside of Kanturu Relics.

At this time, the Kantur People were already suffering from internal wars and rebellion among their own people. Their lack of unity and willpower to fight against Kundun's Army would ultimately lead to the destruction of their cities of Atlans and Kanturu Relics. Atlans has since become merely a sea wilderness. Overgrown with natural sea wild life, the remaining ruins of the great ancient city can barely be recognized.

Transitions to other locations: Noria, Tarkan

Bahamut Vepar Valkyrie Great Bahamut Silver Valkyrie Lizard King Hydra

The Lost Tower is a huge tower which located in the Northern part MU.

The tower can be found in Devias snowy wilderness. The Lost Tower was once a place of great achievement. It is where a great sorcerer was successful at opening a portal to Icarus with powerful magic. Icarus is an ancient sky world which was thought to be only a mythical place. With many years of research and studying of the sky, atop this great tower, great sorcerers were able to create a spell which was able to break open the atmosphere, revealing this mysterious entrance.

Transitions to other locations: Devias, Icarus.

Shadow Poison Shadow Cursed Wizard Death Cow Devil Death Knight. Death Gorgon Balrog

Tarkan is a treacherous desert, now overwhelmed with fearsome monsters.

The desert of MU holds host to some very strong monsters. Only few stray into Tarkan to seek the treasures yeilded from the great Zaikan monster. This great desert has always been a treacherous place to explore. The remains of many warriors who dared travel here can still be seen lying in this wasteland.

Transitions to other locations: Atlans, Kanturu Ruins

Mutant Bloody Wolf Iron Wheel Tantalos Beam Knight Zaikan Death Beam Knight

Aida is a mysterious forest, where the creatures are ruled over by the great Hell Maine. Many warriors will attempt to slay Hell Maine for its valuable horns.

Though dangerous, there are two goblins that provide services in the map's Safe zone. These goblins can add or remove 'Jewel of Harmony Options' on equipment items.

Transitions to other locations: Noria, Kanturu Ruins

Death Rider
Witch Queen

Icarus is an ancient sky world which was thought to be only a mythical place. You'll for sure need a pair or Wings, or an enchanted Cape, in order to access this place. Over-looking the Devias snow field, this place holds host to the fierce Phoenix of Darkness. Many challenge the great beast to prove their strength and acquire it's sacred feather.

Great sorcerers spent many years researching and studying the sky, atop the Lost Tower. Eventually, they were able to create a spell which would be able to break open the atmosphere, revealing this mysterious world. The dimensional gate warps anyone which enters into an atmospheric environment, over-looking the Devias snow field. Great technological advances came from the discovery of this world.

Transitions to other locations: Lost Tower

Alquamos Mega Crust Queen Ranier Drakan Alpha Crust Phantom Knight Great Drakan Phoenix of Darkness

Kanturu Ruins was once a valiant land of natural resources, maintained by the Kantur People. The Kantur People had built a kingdom, now known as Kanturu Relics, deep underground, among this island. However, during Year 1870 of Lugard Kundun was resurrected. Consequently, this tranquil place and the Kanturu Relics were attacked and plundered. Despite it all, the Refinery Tower still stands in the Kanturu Relics, and Elpis remains inside managing the historical tower..

Transitions to other locations: Tarkan, Kanturu Relics

Splinter Wolf Satyros Iron Rider Blade Hunter Kentauros Berserk Gigantis Genocider

Kanturu Relics During the Kantur People's time, they ultimately discovered ways to create various new life forms from the power of a Jewel of Harmony. Via advanced biotechnology skills, they discovered that the basis of creating a new life form was held within the power of a Jewel of Harmony. However, a pure Jewel of Harmony was near impossible to come by in nature. Therefore, the Kantur People spent many long years developing a method to purify unrefined Gemstones. Through their experiments, they created the mighty Refinery Tower and successfully created a science to purifying Gemstones. However, their experiments would ultimately lead to their civilization's destruction. During Year 1870 of Lugard, the Kantur People had already been suffering from internal war when Kundun was resurrected and had attacked this place. The Kantur People were defeated quickly, however the Refinery Tower remains standing here and is fully functional.

Twin Tail Dread Fear Persona Maya Left Hand Maya Right Hand Nightmare

Raklion is a dangerous ice plain, host to Selupan's Hatchery! The Hatchery is an ancient ice cavern, the breeding grounds of Selupan, a wicker boss monster whom hoards the treasures of fallen warriors. Many will try to challenge her for prestige and loot, but only few will be able to survive! The Hatchery is located in the south-west of the ice plains. Inside, you'll occasionally find that Selupan has laid her eggs inside the cavern. Dare to attack her eggs, and you will surely summon the mighty Selupan. Gather friends and other adventures to help take her down, and perhaps you will be rewarded with great loot.

Coolutin Giant Mammoth IceGiant Ice Walker Iron Knight Selupan

Crywolf was once an established city, but now is a dangerous place with many monsters. It is adjacent to the Swamp of Peace and the Valley of Loren, and it plays a vital role as the front line of battle against the forces of Kundun. The city, now a great fortress, features the landscape to make a structure of natural barriers for immense defense and defined strategy. Kundun commanded Lemuria, the Queen of Sorcery, to dispatch troops to Crywolf in attempt to overcome guardians of the continent. Lemuria assigned Balgass, a great warlord, to build an army and attack the city relentlessly. Quickly, Balgass established a training ground for monsters, called Balgass' Barracks, in the eastern caves of Crywolf. Its here that his army is continuously training and preparing for their attacks on the city. As such, Lugard requested that Apostle Devin work to recruit mighty adventurers to seek out and defeat Balgass and his army. You'll also be able to help defend the city, when it is attacked by Balgass, by participating in the Crywolf Fortress Mini-game.

Hammer Scout Lance Scout Bow Scout Werewolf Balram Soram

The Swamp of Peace is a dangerous swamp with treacherous monsters. When MU citizens go to Swamp of Peace, they will find themselvs in a safe zone where are 4 portals that send players to the hunting area.

Sapi-Unus Sapi-Duo Pawn Shadow Shadow Knight Shadow Look Napin Thunder Ghost Napin Blaze Napin Sapi Queen Shadow Master Napin Ice Medusa

Karutan is a small village in the south-west of MU. Outside of its walls, monsters can be found roaming about. For the most part, it is a land of deserts, but has small grassy areas as well. Karutan was established after Kundun's Resurrection. Weapons Merchant Bolo spent many years here researching the Jewel of Bless. Through his research and studies, he created Pandora's Pick, which can be used to mine Jewel of Bless from Jewel Pockets located around the continent..

Bone Scorpion Condra Crypos Crypta Gollock Chain Scorpion Orcus Narcondra