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Anubis, The Eternal Lord
Anubis Invasion!

Behold, adventurers of MU, the arrival of Anubis, The Eternal Lord, an ancient and enigmatic entity who materializes but once within the sacred grounds of Tarkan. As the sun sets and shadows lengthen, whispers of Anubis's presence stir the winds, signaling the imminent awakening of this immortal deity. Within the mystic confines of Tarkan, where time itself seems to dance with the spirits of old, Anubis awaits, cloaked in the aura of eternity. Only the most daring champions dare to tread upon this hallowed domain, for it is here that the fate of mortals intertwines with that of the divine.

Prepare yourselves, brave warriors, for a trial of unparalleled magnitude as you confront Anubis, The Eternal Lord, and vie for the chance to claim untold riches and ancient relics. Will you prove yourselves worthy in the eyes of this timeless guardian, or be forever lost to the sands of Tarkan? The journey awaits, beckoning those who dare to challenge the eternal might of Anubis.

Rewards for Killing Anubis
Boss Image Reward Reward Itembag
Anubis 2x Purple Mythic Box and 300 Golden Credits Ancient Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add