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Crywolf Fortress

Crywolf — a fortress that is located southeast of the Valley of Loren. Here the battles of the alliance of humans and elves with the large army of Kundun take place. The fortress is ideally located in a hilly area for its defense, so it is a key strategic area. Kundun ordered his army under the command of Balgass to capture the fortress so that he could break into the server. Any character who has reached level 10 can take part (Dark Lord and Magic Gladiator can take part in the defense, reaching level 7). You can get to the Crywolf map:

Sacred Wolf Statue

This statue is the creation of the ancient elves and is huge in size, and also has incredible power that allows you to hold back Kundun's army. She is also the target of Balgass and his army — destroying the statue will allow him to take possession of the Crywolf fortress. Therefore, the players must protect her with all their might and prevent Balgass from reaching his goal.

Around the statue of the Sacred Wolf are 5 altars, which are designed to increase the statue's power through the energy of the elves. For Balgass, altars are the primary goal, because after their destruction, the statue loses its protective abilities. To be successful in battle, players and, importantly, elves must put a lot of effort into protecting the statue. If at the beginning of the battle no altar is attached to the elf, then the battle is automatically considered lost.


The course of the battle

Before the start of Balgass's attack on the statue, his army tries to weaken the defense, attacking the characters involved in the battle. To do this, he sent his troops under the leader of the twelve Dark Elf. The task of the players during the first battle is to kill all Dark Elfs in order for Balgass to start the attack himself.

After the entire army of Balgass is destroyed, he is left with nothing else. how to attack a fortress alone. Therefore, in the last 5 minutes before the end of the battle, Balgass comes to the statue and tries to complete his evil intent. Balgass has many dangerous spells in his arsenal, which can cause a lot of problems for the defenders of the fortress. One of these is the massive freeze of players (Stern). Balgass's health will be displayed in the upper left corner under the statue's health. When the health level reaches zero, Balgass is considered defeated, and the defense of the fortress is successful. If Balgass is not defeated within the last five minutes, the battle is lost.

Rewards for Blagass
Boss Monster Image Reward Reward Itembag
Dark Elf 1x Purple Chaos Box Epic Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add
Blagass 3x Purple Chaos Box Epic Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add