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Raklion Event
What is the Raklion Event?
Raklion Raklion is a dangerous ice plain, host to Selupan's Hatchery! The Hatchery is an ancient ice cavern, the breeding grounds of Selupan, a wicker boss monster whom hoards the treasures of fallen warriors. Many will try to challenge her for prestige and loot, but only few will be able to survive! The Hatchery is located in the south-west of the ice plains. Inside, you'll occasionally find that Selupan has laid her eggs inside the cavern. Dare to attack her eggs, and you will surely summon the mighty Selupan! Gather friends and other adventures to help take her down, and perhaps you will be rewarded with great loot!

How to participate in the event of Raklion?
The Hatchery Gate open notification of the beginning of the quest, the gate to Selupan is open. After entering the lair, you will need to destroy the clutch of the boss. After a while Selupan will summon spiders to help himself.

Spider Eggs 1 Spider Eggs 2 Spider Eggs 3

Selupan a very strong boss with a huge amount of life and protection, using a large number of skills: poison, freeze, teleport, knockback, summon protection. After the successful completion of the raid, Selupan will resume its forces exactly one day from the minute of death and will again be ready to meet with the inhabitants of the continent Mu Online, who encroached on its possessions. A drop from Selupan is an Excellent Soket item.

Rewards for Killing Selupan
Boss Monster Reward Image Reward Name Reward Itembag
Selupan 5x Purple Chaos Box Epic Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add