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Malgath Emperor of Death
Malgath Emperor of Death !

Introducing the formidable Malgath, Emperor of Death, a menacing force that looms over the realms of MU. With his dark aura and unmatched power, Malgath strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers. Beware his relentless onslaught and cunning tactics as you dare to challenge the ultimate embodiment of death itself. Prepare for an epic battle that will test your strength, courage, and wit like never before. The fate of Mu Online hangs in the balance as you face the wrath of Malgath, the Emperor of Death.

Brace yourselves for the clash of titans as you venture into the Arena, where Malgath's sinister aura permeates the air, and only the bravest shall emerge victorious against the Emperor of Death.

Rewards for Killing Malgath
Boss Image Reward Reward Itembag
Malgath 2x Blue Mythic Box and 500 Golden Credits Mythic Tier Items + 0 with 1 Exc Opt +4 add